ASF 24 Inch Silent Airflow Explosion Proof Direct Drive Tube Axial Duct Fans

ASF series of axial flows fans are characterized by high efficiency, low noise, wide applicability, good reliability and strong stability. Treated by electrostatic spraying of epoxy resin, the housing case can't corrode in ten years. The fans are mainly used in ventilation and fire-fighting smoke evacuation in engineering constructions and special circumstances(such as explosion-proof environment or anti-corrosion environment)

Products Details

product description ASF-24-Inch-Silent-Airflow-Explosion-Proof-Direct-Drive-Tube-Axial-Duct-Fans4
Impeller Diameter 350-1600mm
Air Volume Range 2600-180000m3/h
Pressure Range 50-1600Pa
Drive Type Direct drive
Applications Large air volume ventilation, fire-fighting smoke evacuation


In high-temperature applications, like ovens, furnaces and kilns, axial flow plug fans will be used to circulate the high-temperature air around the product or material being processed. Axial flow plug fans may also be used to cool the product or material as part of a hardening or tempering process.


The axial flow fan adopts optimized aerodynamic principle design and advanced processing and manufacturing technology. It adopts an adjustable aluminum alloy impeller, and the body is painted at high temperature and never fades. In the same installation position, the two-way ventilation can be realized, the blade angle can be adjusted according to the requirements of the air outlet, and the air volume of the fan is increased by 43%, the wind pressure is increased by 30%, and the noise is reduced by 10-18dB (A). The pressure efficiency is up to 82.3%, the air volume is up to 140,000 m3/h, and the blade installation angle is 15-35 degrees. product-description

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These aluminum alloy cast axial fans are produced for customers special requests.If the customer has other requirements for pressure and air volume what is not included in the following list,please contact our technicians to design and select the appropriate tunnel fan.

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The casing is formed from the Q235 steel sheet to stainless steel SS316 or 304 with integral supports. The grey/red/white/orange paint finish is applied after production, optional hot-dip galvanization, furnace paint or epoxy paint is available. DRIVEN TYPE Direct driven,belt-driven Motor Inside or Motor Outside the Fan Casing. View more details and technical sheet of our axial fan ,kindly please contact us to get the latest catalog. IN-HOUSE MANUFACTURING
  • Impellers in fabricated steel construction
  • Fan shaft machining
  • Qualified welding procedures according to GB norms
  • Virtually no limit to the type of material
DELIVERY & PACKAGE WORLDWIDE For diverse requirements for customers or fans and blowers, we have three methods available Wooden box, wooden palisade, and paper carton. All packages are passing internationally exported standards. Customer Cases---Industries/Mining/Metro Line/Tunnel Project Worldwide We've been working with many projects in Uganda,Indonesia, Myanmar,Peru,Pakistan and other countries for tunnel&mining project,sewage treatment project,Steel plant boiler drafting project nd Hydro Electric Power Plant. We understand the harsh environments in which fans are used. Lionking fans will meet and exceed the demands of your industry engineering, infrastructure project, mining/tunnel project, and other environmental projects.

Production&Testing Equipment

Not only we can produce a large batch of a small fan, but we also have the processing capability to produce heavy-duty fans like above 3.5m high. We adopt the best technology in all aspects of industrial fan, such as shot blasting, sandblasting, all the paint process, welding process, etc. Stoving varnish looks brighter than water paint( ordinary painting color). It has more than 200 sets of fine, large and rare processing equipment, and has a high-tech resin sand casting production line. Our equipment is generally used for power plants, environmental protection plants, coal plants, and so on. It requires high technology and workmanship.

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