Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer in China

Zhejiang Lion King Ventilator Co., Ltd. is known as a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality centrifugal fans in China. One of their popular products is the backward curved centrifugal fan that offers high air volume and low noise operation.

Designed for HVAC systems, these fans are widely used in various industries, including hospitals, hotels, schools, and shopping malls. The backward curved blades of the fan are designed to increase the efficiency of airflow and to reduce power consumption.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Zhejiang Lion King Ventilator Co., Ltd. has developed advanced technology and production capabilities to deliver superior quality centrifugal fans. Their products are regularly tested to ensure they meet high-quality standards and are delivered to customers all around the world.

Whether you need a standard or custom-made backward curved centrifugal fan, Zhejiang Lion King Ventilator Co., Ltd. has got you covered. As a leading manufacturer and factory, they are committed to providing the best products and services to meet the needs of their clients.
  • Introducing our Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan, a top-of-the-line industrial fan designed to meet your ventilation needs. This fan is equipped with a unique backward curved impeller design that delivers higher efficiency and lower noise levels compared to traditional fans. With its advanced aerodynamics, it can handle high volumes of air and pressure, suitable for a range of applications, including HVAC, air pollution control, and fan filter units. Our Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan features a durable housing made of galvanized steel that resists corrosion and rust, ensuring longevity and reliability. The fan also comes with a range of customizable options, including different materials, sizes, and motor types, allowing for flexible installation and operation. Our team of experts is also available to assist in selecting the optimal fan configuration for your specific application, providing exceptional service and support. With its energy-efficient design and robust construction, our Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan is an ideal choice for various industrial and commercial settings. Trust us to provide a reliable and high-performing solution for your ventilation needs, and experience the benefits of our industry-leading fan technology.
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